5 most important ways Past Life Regression (PLR) can help, and why you should give it a try

Know more about Past Life Regression and how you can bring positive change in your own life and in lives of people around.

Healing Chronic Pains, Fears and Phobias

It is observed that the emotions at the time of sudden death in one life, get transferred to the next lives with the soul. The fear at the time of death might also manifest in the form of a physical ailment. For example, if someone has died by drowning in water, it may manifest as asthma in the current life. If somebody has died by burning, that person may develop skin problems. Though these observations cannot be generalized, it is interesting to note, how the so-called irrational fears and phobias can be deep rooted.
All issues such as phantom pains, asthma, skin issues, OCDs, irrational fears and phobias that do not respond to conventional therapies; or negative emotions like anger, depression, low self-esteem can be completely healed through the past life regression therapy.

Resolving Relationship issues

Some people come into our lives and leave abruptly, while others are long lasting; or we hate certain people or fall in love with others in the very first meeting. We meet people in our lives for a reason and that reason and the relationship we develop are deeply rooted in the past. PLR gives you a higher understanding of this concept and makes even your most difficult relations work.

Knowing the purpose of life

”The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why." - Mark Twain
Most often we are living like a ship in an ocean, which does not have a compass. the ship ends up being directionless. In our lives we are so busy in our routine day to activities of living, creating wealth, running after that illusive happiness that we fail to realise that there is a deeper underlying meaning to our existence in the physical world.. that we are all a part of a larger plan and are slowly heading towards our purpose. Knowing where we are heading to, fills us with a sense of fulfillment and gives us a sense of direction. Once we are aware of the deeper meaning to life, we are in a position to work towards it as well. For us to live a life of lasting happiness and success it is imperative to know our purpose.

Role of Karma in our life

We are always being told that we are small, insignificant, powerless victims of circumstances. and that whatever happens in our lives is governed by what we have done in the past, as a part of karma. However, as a matter of fact, the concept of karma is one of the most misunderstood ones. There are many misconceptions and we need to understand the theory of karma, to understand that we choose and create our life patterns before taking birth. Every life time on the physical realm gives us a chance to experience various situations and challenges. When we transcend these experiences, we evolve to higher levels. Understanding the infallible Law of Karma will make us aware that Karma is actually a gift and nothing to be scared of.

Providing inner guidance

Our cellular intelligence is made of three things, (i) our Purpose, (ii) Potential to reach that purpose, and (iii) Wisdom or roadmap to reach there.
All three can be accessed by diving in to deeper states of our being. Tapping our inner wisdom, gives us guidance to reach our highest success, potential, to earn lasting wealth, health and happiness. Understanding 'why things happen the way they do' can not only bring in immense clarity in our thinking but can also lead to a complete transformation.
During the process of PLR, one can access the memories of (Life between Lives) LBL state where we can get inner guidance to the pattern of our present life.
PLR is an extremely effective tool in dissolving the intensity of the unresolved issues of the past and breaking repetitive patterns. It deals with the root cause of the present problems by accessing the memories related to the present issue, bringing it to the conscious awareness and releasing the emotions attached to it.



Santosh Joshi is a Past Life Regression Therapist of international repute, a Mentor and Life Coach. He has helped many people across the globe to find their life's purpose and heal their traumas. He is also an author of the bestsellers (i) Many Lives One Soul, which unravels the mysteries of life and beyond, (ii) KEYS - to living a happy and regret free life, and (iii) SKY is Not the Limit.

A mechanical engineer by education, Santosh worked with Indian and international conglomerates for over 17 years before he realized his true calling. Santosh decided to dedicate his life to bring about positive changes and radical evolution in people as a mentor and counselor.

By the end of this Webinar

  • You'll emerge with a clarity about the 'Why things happen the way they do?'.
  • You will get a clearer perspective towards life and also be aware of myths we have been carrying as deep rooted belief systems.
  • You will be on the path to knowing deeper meaning and your purpose of life.
  • You will also get a clearer picture about your inner calling to help others out of their traumas by becoming a certified PLR Therapist and Life Transformation Coach.
  • You will have better awareness about your new calling or new career as a Certified Coach, with the techniques and mindset, to transform yourself and others with one of the most effective tools available in present times.

Do you feel you can make a difference in the world? Is your calling to help people transform their lives? Do you want to be a part of greater shift in consciousness? What if you have an opportunity to work in the field you love, work for a noble cause and also make this a profession? Here is the opportunity. You can do this by becoming a Past Life Regression Therapist and Life Transformation Coach

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