SKY - Testimonials

�For me, SKY has truly been a blessing. I am excited about my life now. During the workshop, Santosh had said that if you practice SKY for 21 days, you'll see a miracle in your life. Yes, I did see one in my life and that was exactly on the 21st day of my practice. On the physical, mental and emotional level too, I feel healthier.�

Arun Jain
Businessman, Ahmedabad

�SKY Healing has helped me tremendously. I had diabetes earlier but now my blood sugar is surprisingly normal. I am also happier than before! Thanks to SKY!�

Jyoti Matange
Music Teacher, Mumbai

�I completed 21 days of SKY and it was amazing. I always wanted to open an Expressions Center since some months and I visualised it during SKY. I manifested it for two days before completing my 21-day course. Thanks to SKY healing, I could see and manifest my dream. I also play the flute and have noticed that the breathing has helped me play better.�

Beena Sharma

�Since I started practicing SKY, I have been feeling very confident, positive and relaxed.�

Amitabh Tapadar
Professional, Mumbai

� After doing SKY, thoughts have started materialising before they are generated. Everything falls in to my lap before I know it. Such is the power."

Kanika Bahl
Director, Courtyard Day-care, Mumbai

� SKY has made me more patient and calm and helps me keep my temper under control. It has also healed my joint pains substantially."

Aditi Jain
Engineer, Mumbai

"With a regular practice of SKY I am somehow attracting only good things in my Life, and my business has grown manifolds!"

Umang Agarwal
Businessman, Delhi

The Sky workshop is a magic elixir which no doctor can prescribe. Santosh�s profound knowledge and mastery over the subject, all imparted in the most user friendly format makes SKY a must attend workshop.�

Anand Shirali
Sales and Marketing Head, Cine Blitz, Mumbai

�I benefitted immensely from SKY technique so much that I wish to call it as my �Happiness Pill�. Joshi wonderfully amalgamates the power of visualisation along with the breathing disciplines and the tapping of meridians.�

Prof Madhuvanti Date
NMIMS, Mumbai

�Ever since from that day , I started valuing the SKY & KEYS, and started building beautiful relationships. SKY has power to take care of my energy levels which in turn will take care of my all�

Radheshyam Bhura

�After both these levels a new realization has dawned upon me. I have realized that we lead unhappy lives mainly because we do not tap our potential. We all live and fight each day with monsters of fear; low self esteem. Inspite of being aware of universal consciousness we falter in inter- relationships. Sky has taught me to love and CARE for myself. Not to let people trample all over me. A new confident approach to solving day to day problems and anxiety levels have definitely gone down. God bless for gifting this wonderful technique. Sky is the limit.�

Neena Abrol

�Participating in the SKY workshop truly empowered me. I restored my trust back in the universe & it left with the belief that I really deserve the best! On 30th Nov night, I began visualising my home (the way I wanted it), using the sky technique. Every single night, I have been doing this, not only doing the visualising but actually believing in this & experiencing the emotions of gratitude and happiness that I would have on having bought my DREAM HOME & THAT TOO IN MY BUDGET & THE AREA OF MY CHOICE!!! I was doing this inspite of seeing complete contrast properties during the day. I would every night stand in that I deserve the best!!! And guess what???? On the morning of 30th Dec, my agent called me & insisted on seeing a property ASAP. I saw this house on 31st � a 2 BHK home, on a high floor, new building, in my budget & including 1 parking place and in Vile Parle (West)!!! I made an offer to the builder immediately, he accepted my price, and I gave the token amount on 2nd Jan. I just could not believe how magically things started moving in this area & how everything was working out in my favour! Finally, the D DAY � the day of my agreement & my birthday � 13th Jan - payment done, registration complete & my home officially in my name!! I give entire credit for this miracle to SKY.�

Rimisha Prajapati

I experienced PLRT in Dec-14 followed by Sky Healing in Jan-15 at the time when my business was going through turbulent phase. Stress levels went through the roof which started reflecting on my health.
However, I kept practising SKY Healing with utmost regularity. Due to heightened sense of awareness, I could sense every feeling experienced by my heart � tightness, flutter, hot / cold feeling etc. On 12th Feb, in span of 3 hours ECG was taken in 3 different hospitals which confirmed that my heart was skipping a beat in position of rest (medical term � VPB�s, meaning Ventricular Premature Beats). Doctors were reluctant to conduct Stress Test at this juncture, however, I passed the test but VPB�s continued to stay.
Meeting with Physician revealed that the heart medicine (Betaloc) which I took since 1997 had serious side effects which led to compromised Kidney functioning, Gout (increased Uric acid level in blood) & this time round signalled onset of Diabetes. Medicine was taking toll on my physical body while Stress on my Mind which increased my anxiety.
It is my firm belief that during this phase, my continued practise of SKY Healing kept my sanity intact & helped me withstand otherwise would have been a massive blow to my weak heart. Last weekend, I underwent independent blood tests / ECG conducted by LIC & yesterday they reported � EVERYTHING WAS NORMAL!
Thank you All from Santosh Joshi Foundation Team. I have started celebrating LIFE�

Raj Orke

�The interesting part of the whole technique is manifestation. While practicing SKY, I was visualising a good job for my daughter, and to my surprise she not only got a job she desired but was also sent abroad for a month, which came as a bonus!"

Jaya Subramani

�SKY healing has healed my throat infection miraculously. My daughter Ankita also healed from the same condition instantly. The pain and fever vanished without taking any medicine.�

Sridevi Madur