Are You at the Right Place? � Self Introspection

Life is a journey. At every point we need to pause, check our co-ordinates and ask ourselves, “Are we heading in a right direction?”If the answer is negative, we always have a chance to change our direction. Life is not only about success in career, or earning lot of money. These things alone cannot give you happiness and fulfilment as they are transient. Life is much more than that. It has other facets to it as well. Discovering yourselves, cultivating relationships, utilizing your true potential, liberating yourselves from limiting beliefs, coming out of various negative emotions that pull you back, transcending fear and leaving a legacy are some of the important, but less talked about aspects other than financial and professional success. A truly happy and successful person is the one who is able to excel in all of these, who is an excellent father/mother, husband/wife, son/daughter, boss/subordinate, a true fried, is able to enjoy life to its fullest and is healthy in real sense. It is very important to asses yourself at every stage in life and self introspect using the following questions:
Am I really happy?
What is the purpose of my life?
Do I share a healthy relationship with myself and with people around me?
Am I performing to the best of my ability?
What are the things that are pulling me back?
What would be my contribution to the planet Earth at the end of my journey?

Journey to Self-transformation

Sometimes you just need someone to hold your hand and show you the way so that you can take charge of your life and steer it to the direction you desire. Through the Programmeme, SKIES & BEYOND life coach par excellence, Santosh has been helping people ignite their inner wisdom and achieve everything they ever desired.
Transform into a winning, successful, joyful person with harmonious relationships. Free from fears, insecurities and limiting beliefs. With personal attention, advice and motivation from Santosh, you will successfully attract fame, fortune, love and peace too.
Santosh's corporate background enables him to understand the intricacies of life at a demanding workplace. The Programmeme is designed keeping in mind the atmosphere of a competitive works-place and is ideal for corporate executives.
The duration of the Programmeme is for 12 months and this being a personal coaching Programmeme, confidentiality is maintained.

What to expect (in the annual Programmeme)

  • 24 life-altering personal and online video sessions
  • Learn effective tools and techniques to empower yourself
  • Receive customized meditations according to your needs
  • Free access to all of Santosh Joshi’s workshops
  • An attractive and life transforming kit

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