After reading Santosh Joshi's two excellent books "Keys" & "One soul many lives", I was prompted to meet this wonderful person who has put in so much of him in unfolding the many hidden mysteries of the mind, heart and soul. Call it coincidence or destiny, I had the good opportunity to attend his workshop on PLR at Bengaluru on the 7th & 8th of November 2015 and let me tell you all, that it was an amazing, enriching & enlightening experience. Learnt a great deal.

Dr V Arumugam.

In my past life regression workshop with mumbai based therapist SANTOSH of the bestselling book KEYS ND MANY LIVES MANY SOULD-Keys to deeper secrets...
"Meeting your master"was a surreal experience for me..l could communicate with my master through my thoughts nd understand the purpose of my life very clearly..Got many questions answered, like, why do some places nd people feel familiar? Why do i experience repetitive patterns? And many more answers nd lessons...
All this was possible because of excellence personified ..Santosh Joshi life couch..Thanxxx Sir..

Renu Arora

Attending the PLR session was an amazing experience for me. It changed me in many ways . I have become a more calmer person, my anger and frustration has reduced many folds, and most importantly I feel my faith in my God has increased immensely . I was completely involved in the exercises conducted. We were guided very well in a deep meditation . It was like travelling through so many of our past lives and reliving them at the same time. I was amazed to do the astral travel where I literally was able to see my partners house and I saw in detail it's interior decor too. This was something I had never experienced . Thank you Santosh for your guidance . I am forever grateful .

Kirti Divekar
Kirti Divekar

PLR Therapy with SantoshJi gave a new lease of life to me. I had 4 sessions of PLR, which helped me overcome the pain, agony and trauma of my life, getting over the negativity harboured within me for past 20 years. Following these sessions, I was able to accept the demise of my parents, the only strength is my life and realize that they were at peace, after I met my father in energy form, in one of the sessions. I was able to forgive people who caused pain to me, and was able to move on with my life. The PLR sessions helped me understand the reason of all the pain agony and set back that I had been facing in my life. I was able to accept them and make peace with the current situation.
Thanks SantoshJi!

Dr. Rajyashree Verma