Many Lives One Soul- Reviews

"Many Lives One Soul is a must read book. Its an eye opener, if one believes in the Karmic Cycle of Life and Death. It unveils the realistic world lying in the bylanes of the old memories of past lifes which we are unable to see being busy carrying out the daily routine mundane things. So go ahead grab this book and enjoy the pleasantries and positiveness it will offer.�

Deepak Maheshwari

�Another masterpiece by Santosh Joshi. There are so many answers of nagging questions deeprooted in the subconcious which are answered in such simple way.You feel so light after reading.Reading Many lives one soul was great and wish i could attend his workshops and learn more.�

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�This is one of few books which will make you really think what are you doing in your life, we are all part of one big rat race, but we need to sit back and look at the bigger picture. Each one has some purpose in their life which need to be identified.�

Amit Agarwal

�Though we appear as one body, we are a combination of several subtle and astral bodies. These bodies, coming from past lives, carry the memories and emotional charges of events that happened in previous lifetimes, which continue to affect and influence our present mind state. This is the premise of Santosh Joshi�s latest book, Many Lives, One Soul, which is based on finding answers to many confounding questions, problems and repetitive patterns of life through the concepts of karma and reincarnation. This book is also a philosophical and spiritual guide to help you gain perspective and rise above self- defeating patterns that stymie your growth and compromise your happiness. It sheds light on the purpose of problems in life, which is to make us strong and more evolved by learning the lessons they have for us. These challenges can come in the form of relationships, accidents, debilitating traumas, irrational fears or phobias. Santosh refers to a case of OCD or obsessive compulsive disorder which was addressed through PLR. The lady in question had a need to shower constantly, a source of aggravation for her and for her family. When she regressed to the past life from which the problem originated, she saw that she had been raped by a few local goons while returning from college, and later ostracised by her community for being �dirty.� Deeply traumatised, she committed suicide. But the feeling of being dirty stayed with her and returned as an OCD in her present life. Santosh helped her accept herself in deep theta state and her masters enabled her to forgive the goons, helping her to move on in life. In another case a man suffered from unexplained severe temper issues. It was so bad that it began to negatively affect his health, career and relationships. During regression, he saw a life in which he was a young girl who had to unwillingly undergo sati because her husband had died, as was the custom in those days. The intense anger she felt at that time carried forward in this life as well. The book also profiles the various stages of a soul�s evolution and how through every birth the soul decides to have certain experiences and learn its lessons. Past-life regression has helped lakhs of people get a handle on their life, and heal deep-seated issues and move forward on their journey of life. The book explains why this is so. �

Shivi Verma
Review in Life Positive

�I must really place on record my greatest of appreciation and respects to you and team involved in brining out this marvellous book. 

I felt and am still feeling the following thoughts having read the book. 
1. It is a Life changer
2. It can change the course of life of a person completely with a bit of expert professional guidance
3. It answers a lot of fundamental questions if one is aware of them.
4. It motivates a person to go deep and understand the reasons for whatever they are going through in their life currently
5. The book has a very natural flavor and poise in it and certainly not an autocratic or artificial aura...
6. A non avid reader like me could enjoy reading throughout. 
7. The best part of the book is it makes one to read again and again!!!
After reading the book, I am feeling an intense urge to go through PLR again though I have gone through the same with you once. 
Looking forward to meeting in person some time soon."

Aravindd A Kashyap

�I have just finished reading your new book , in fact,  reading it second time, soon after reading it once. If I like any book,  my first reading is full of curiosity about what next and identifying portions that I like and the second reading is  to really absorb the content and soak into reading it.

 I tried reading Brian Weiss a few years ago and couldn't really connect to it and left is after reading a few pages. But, Many Lives One Soul makes an interesting reading . It is written in a language that is easy to understand by any reader, Indians can relate to the context and you had shared some of the incidents with us during the workshop which turned out to be a connecting link."

Nilima Srivastava