Discover the Deeper Secrets of Life and Life after Life

Life often poses challenges at us when we least expect it, leaving us confused or frustrated. At such times, we are flooded with an avalanche of questions, starting with ‘why me’, to ‘why are things happening the way they are’, to ‘who am I’ and finally, ‘what is the purpose of my life?’ 
However, every challenge in our life holds the key to discovering a hidden aspect of ourselves. Instead of succumbing to the problem, if we look deeper into that challenge, we find answers to our questions, helping us move ahead with greater understanding and higher wisdom.
Through Past Life Regression it is possible to do just that.
Based on the theory of reincarnation and karma, this book presents answers and solutions, using past life regression as a tool to help you see through the illusion of problems.
It helps you recognize your life’s patterns and resolve the issues of the past that may be bothering you in the present, paving a way for a brighter and happier future of your own choosing.