�The book KEYS definitely gives a direction to live a successful life. Santosh has beautifully presented in this book how to overcome your bad past and while living in the present, plan for the future. Struggle is inevitable in life. But rather than getting ruled by the sorrows in life one should always go ahead and plan for a better future. This is the key to a successful life and Santosh has very beautifully depicted it through his book KEYS.�

Mr. Nitin Gadkari
Former National President, BJP

�KEYS is the book which shows light and gives direction in the journey of life.�

Ashish Shelar
Mumbai BJP President

�If your heart is clear you can achieve any heights in life. KEYS teaches you to keep your hear clear, live in the present and it inspires you to plan for the future. It is an ideal gift a father should give his son. This book is like a life, like a sun ray. The biggest strength of the book is that it is like sun rays and when these sun rays will fall on your mind, the light will come out in the form of a beautiful rainbow. I will say Santosh Joshi is the Dale Carnegie of India.�

Dr. Uday Nirgudkar
Chief Editor, Zee 24 Taas

Rarely does one come across a book with so apt a title. Keys by Santosh Joshi, virtually hands you the keys to open the locked doors of your life that stop you from realising your full potential. He introduces the HLP principle. Healing the past, Living the present and Planning the future. The reader is asked three questions. Do you ever get affected by bad memories and the emotions attached to them?
Are you happy, peaceful, successful, and using your best potential in the present moment?
Are you often insecure and anxious about your future?
The answer can be a yes to all three, any two or any one of the questions. Wherever you may be in life, the book will straighten up things for you. He begins by clearing up the mental and emotional clutter of unpleasant memories that keep clouding clear thinking, necessary for happiness and growth. Chapter eight offers effective tools to heal the past. The second segment focuses on being present in the current moment. All the joys lie there. Proof of living in the present moment would be having a winning attitude, following your heart while taking decisions, and practising gratitude. The third key is to unlock the door of possibilities, i e, the future. And Santosh scores a sixer with it. He not only offers practical tips to outline, plan and realise your future goals but also stresses the need to develop intuition, build faith, cultivate relationships and believe in miracles. This is where he won my respect. He perceives life in its totality, and takes into account the emotional as well as the spiritual aspect of success. I personally benefitted from the book. Unable to get sleep, I practised gratitude as the book advised, and behold, I enjoyed a good night�s sleep. Keys has also helped me assess my own spiritual progress with clarity, and mapped out the areas which I had ignored. With its help, I plan to unlock my life.

Life Positive Magazine

I enjoyed reading the book .. its written in a simple language and gives a lot to introspect on our self , our life and relations .

Neesha Parikh

KEYS by Author Santosh Joshi truly provides you with keys to open the door to a beautiful life. A very inspiring and motivational book. It really makes the reader reflect on his/her own life, and take a step towards the change for better. Written in a very simple language and rich in content is what KEYS is. I loved this reading experience.

Aniruddha Agnihotri

This book stands out from the overcrowded genre of self help books with its simplicity of concept and practical suggestions for honing your outlook. The life experiences of the author are something you can relate to without them sounding surrealistic just for the effect. Without it dwelling deep into spirituality and esoteric dogmas, I think the book makes an excellent executive read that can improve your life. I am still in the process of absorbing the book and enjoying the experience. I will strongly recommend it.

Col Rakesh Pedram

In today's world this book is a life saver. An enormous amount of wisdom is covered in this book. I finished this thinking that this is one of the best books I've ever read on how to live a regret-free life.
Brilliantly written, and a well-structured book, it deals with on how to lead one�s life without any regrets of the past or fear of the future. This book is divided into 3 parts � Heal your past, Live your present and Prepare for the future; which will give you the insight to realize your immense potential to achieve your life goals. One realizes that it is the ones past memories which are the greatest hindrances in one�s progress; pulling one back most of the time. This book not only helps one to introspect and identify ones past issues but also teaches you how to heal them.
Any person who wants to read for any reason; to get inspired, to heal the past, to gift, read just for the pleasure of reading or any reason you may have, you should give this book at least one read. Believe me; you'll want another read of the book. This is a must-have in everybody's bookshelf .
Every chapter teaches me something and I must thank the author, Santosh Joshi for this.

Jyotsna Nair