We're seeing, Kannan, that the service has just been able to generate amazing viewing. So there’s all kinds of adjustments. So I think more and more employees outside the United States, more productions, more operations happening outside the U.S., and hopefully many, many more members outside the U.S.

So how should we frame that? Thank you, Ted. So it turns out the best place to talk to them about Netflix is on Netflix. The company now has competition not only from the existing players such as Amazon (AMZN) and Hulu, but also from new platforms from Disney (DIS) and Apple (AAPL). So we’ve got coming up later this year with Lily Collins that we really love.

And then I guess, when you think about the product itself, one of the big discussion points has been content discovery, because there is an enormous amount of content and there are an enormous number of streaming services now. If you could just help us think through consumer behavior across this period, as engagement has gone up? So there's all kinds of adjustments.

But the motivation really is consumer love for the programming not marginal cost savings. And just as a small little fun fact for our listeners and shareholders who may not know, but Greg actually speaks five languages.

And that is for our members, simply wonderful.

So what are the kind of things you're thinking about in terms of improving the experience? And when factoring the recent launch of AT&T’s (T) HBO Max and the soon-to-be launched Peacock from Comcast (CMCSA), there are now tons of platforms jockeying for home-bound audiences.

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For the quarter that ended June, Wall Street expects Netflix to earn $1.81 per share on revenue of $6.08 billion. That’s great.

Yeah, the three of us have been working together so long, there is essentially no difference next quarter. GAAP net income dropped 27% to $698 million while, © 2020 AlphaStreet Inc. All Rights Reserved, 3 key takeaways from Netflix’s Q2 earnings.

So no change in the focus for the execution, [Technical Issues], preparing for greater scale.

But we sort of think about the criteria which we sort of are evaluating these partnerships on two fronts.

And my focus is to continue the successful train we've been on for the next 200 million subs around the world. Maybe do we get a bit more movie-heavy initially compared to originals maybe later in the year? So think of it as just us doing more of that at higher scale and pleasing more people, so no change in the focus or the execution and preparing for greater scale. But we did signal that in the very near-term, there may be some margin upside this year in 2020, but we’re really kind of trying to manage that multi-year continuing to increase our margins, which is why I wanted to let folks know that we’re at this point managing still to another 300 basis points increase next year, which would get us to that ’19 margin.

And so when we think about the way you manage this whole dynamic on yield, which is revenue maximization, obviously, units are a part of it, pricing is a part of it, but the other important component of this is churn.

Now video games, great and interesting area. So could you just help us bridge the gap? I think you have it right, which is that we think that these will grow in importance, but I think it's also important to note that they remain a relatively small percentage of our total acquisition and really what we call the organic channel. So really, think of it as the big franchises have come out of books and comic books. So if we’re trying to be more and more your go-to destination for entertainment not to ignore an area of programming, that is kind of dominates broadcast would be silly of us.

Powered and implemented by Interactive Data Managed Solutions. And actually, we’ve invested in making this service more valuable for that period of time, adding more content, adding more service features onto that period as well. But it does look like it will be lower because of some of those things we’re seeing in this kind of new world in terms of more virtual junkets and PR and actually not doing as much awards, marketing and those sorts of things.

So we pick them back up. But top 10 is an example of a nice, little positive lift in overall engagement. Netflix is gearing up to report second quarter earnings as the COVID-19 pandemic continues to benefit streaming services. © 2020, Nasdaq, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

You would be hard-pressed to find another company not named Zoom (ZM) that is capitalizing more on the “stay-at-home” economy in which we live.

I mean generally Kannan, it doesn’t change too much. And is this a risk in the future for Netflix?

I’d just add. Profile; Long-Term View; Top Investor Questions; Content Accounting Overview

© 2020 Fortune Media IP Limited. So thanks for having me here and I guess the best place to start here, is Ted and Greg, Congratulations on your new role. We’ll also look very closely at our specific metrics, and it’s metrics like engagement, like churn and those are the signals that we have, for indicating when we have created more value for our members.

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It's great for us. Sure. Okay.

That’s great. Every day, we work on making our service better, trying to make it so, you know the billboard on the front of the UI, you can just click and watch it and just like trust that result.

But we’re still on that multi-year path to being cash flow positive and when we are sustaining cash flow positive, we expect to be a much bigger and more profitable business. And it's a little amazing, I mean. But it’s hard for me to give an example of a nice little positive lift in overall engagement, it’s not game changing.

We’ll look at macro factors country-by-country. If you could just give us some sense of how you are looking at that issue? So any revenue upside we would tend to put into more content for our members, which generates more growth over time.

So you mean like [inaudible]. Sure.

Also read: 3 key takeaways from Netflix’s Q2 earnings. And we just added 10 million members, which is the largest growth we’ve ever had in the second quarter. There's just that kind of near-term pull forward that you're seeing. Notably, subscriber growth was even the once-stagnant North American market, where subscribers added 2.3 million, up 23%.