Finally, the last section of the list highlights songs about being a daughter. The video for this song features footage from Swift’s childhood. "Butterfly Kisses" fits this description. Amazon.

In it, Bob Carlisle sings about his love for his daughter throughout the seasons of her life. Whether you’re looking for that perfect song for a father daughter dance, a meaningful Father’s Day tribute, or a special gift for a birthday, keep reading. Biological daughter or adopted, these relationships are special. Faith Hill's song about this nuanced relationship is certainly a tear-jerker. In addition, you may like these other Country music song lists: Country Greatest Songs of the Decade 2000-2010 The lyrics for "My Girl," could be interpreted as a song about a father/daughter relationship or a romantic relationship. "Unforgettable" by Nat King Cole and Natalie Cole, 17. "Go and fix your makeup girl. Whether she's having a country-themed wedding or simply enjoys country music, a special western song for the father-daughter wedding dance can make it that more sentimental. Becoming a father isn’t necessarily difficult. Accept. But this song is different. But there comes a point in life when that relationship flips. . And there are plenty of ways to celebrate this special bond. "In My Daughter's Eyes" by Martina McBride, 5. Other songs are about the relationships fathers and mothers have with their daughters.

Did your parents sing this song to you when you were a child? He could have been talking to his son, friend, or lover. Look up this song on YouTube if you aren't familiar with it. Get support with the planning and technology for a virtual memorial event. Some songs are more from your dad's generation; others maybe more from yours. 1. Other songs are about the relationships fathers and mothers have with their daughters. ", Top 10 Father-Daughter Dance Songs for a Wedding Reception, Wedding Roles for the Father of the Bride, Top 10 Popular and Traditional Father-Daughter Wedding Dance Songs, Dance Steps for Father-Daughter Wedding Dances, 20 Sweet Songs for Your Father-Daughter Dance, How Divorced Dads Can Best Handle a Daughter's Wedding, Modern Father-Daughter Wedding Dance Songs, Fathers and Their Daughter's Wedding Celebration, The Ultimate Wedding Reception Music Plan, The Top Wedding Dance Songs for Receptions, A "Do Not Play" List for Your Wedding Reception. This link will open in a new window. The easy country waltz has romantic lyrics to make any daughter and dad remember the sweet and tender moments growing up. Bob Carlisle's Butterfly Kisses is one of the all-time favorite wedding dance songs available and has a sweet country-swing beat. But the theme appears consistently in mother/daughter songs. Still, it's great advice for a parent to give to their child. He knows his time with her is limited, and this song celebrates the moments he gets to spend with her. This song is a modern take on the 1967 version sung by Al Martino (it was sung by other artists previously). This link will open in a new window. Discover the best online memorial sites for remembering a loved one... Facebook. The message is loved by dads and daughters alike, and the tempo makes dancing easy. Just take George Strait’s gorgeous “I Saw God Today,” or Reba McIntire’s “You’re Gonna Be." A daughter sometimes needs to reassure her mother that, "you can't lose me." This song is a testament to the bond between a mother and her daughter.