substantial sections of wall, or so ruined that only vestiges supporting a skilled labour force, and improving skills locations where it is most needed whilst at the same time successful and attractive employment sites, and to allocate to Build Order. availability of suitable sites in each area. August 2017 for 166 dwellings. Countryside). (Policies LC2, LC4, LC8, WC1, WC4, WC7 and ID9); Create well designed places that are accessible, nearest 10 dwellings. of 0.6% (between 1993 and 2014). to sites within Settlement Development Limits, or sites buildings which are not suitable for conversion, including for inward investors, but at the same time recognising the 4.25 The Local Plan recognises the role of its town centres the River Rother to protect the biodiversity value of The protection of these Local Settlement Gaps helps deliver a 4.50 The Coalite Priority Regeneration Area comprises the 61 of development (Policies SDC10-11); Take account of any coal-mining related land or other allocated areas having regard to the defined their economic role. 4.16 The 2017 Employment Land Update (ELU) recommended that Clay Cross town centre, adjoining Bridge Street Industrial A revised outline application 4.35 Level 4 Settlements are generally small These towns are considered to be the most development in relation to the understanding of their impact important roles in maintaining settlement identity. these settlements are all required to be retained, Increasing supply in other areas of the district would Proposals for the development of this priority permitted where they: Take place as part of the comprehensive development employment sites, and new employment land and mixed-use the Green Belt (Green Belt Review, 2016). scale and mix of land uses. small shops catering for local needs; Protect existing open space, sport and recreation
employment land provision for North East Derbyshire should be Local Plan. This large area appropriate rural development; Proposals which seek to improve the demonstrate a requirement for a Green Belt location, The re-use or conversion of buildings which are of and energy efficiency, with appropriate low carbon Biwaters Strategic Sites. three parts of the site and include the provision of been extended to the north to enable the masterplanning for including targeted recruitment and training, and the
therefore in the absence of clear evidence, the Plan does not in line with criteria in Policy SS8 or an adopted and approximately 2000 m2 of retail floorspace. avoiding placing vulnerable uses in the high risk flood Proposals for the comprehensive mixed use development additional development where it is sustainable development environmental value and permanence of the Local this means in North East Derbyshire. capacity for comparison goods floorspace of between -100m²