This visual symmetry will help the audience connect your solution to the problem almost instantly. However, I have seen a lot of people inadvertently hide their key metrics by using small graphs and charts. Particularly when these visuals help illustrate a certain part of your presentation. Below you can see that the line charts use the same color palette, size, and typography. This minimalist background image was a great choice for this presentation as well.

Will their financial backing put your business on track to get acquired at a higher valuation? is it to talk to you afterwards? It’s going to be seen on a laptop monitor, so small font is not so bad. Your pitch deck should explain the core information in your business plan in a simple and straightforward way. The behemoths at WeWork still have one of the best software pitch decks, despite their recent troubles (layoffs, a valuation that dropped from $47 billion to $2.9 billion over the past year). (I’ll be sure to announce when it does :D ). This will help anyone that is interested write it down as the event organizers get things ready. You want each of your slides to feel like they are connected by a singular feeling or theme. A Pitch presentation deck also serve very different purposes, from trying to get a meeting with a new investor, to presenting in front of a stage, and each one of them should follow a different structure. Highlighting digital problems is tough when you have limited space and time.

As you can see, all they needed was a single visual to explain the core problems that they identified. Was raising $200M in growth funding in 2019, despite years of controversy.

That’s why I’m a huge fan of how Park Evergreen (now called Plot) included important numbers in this slide deck. For example, take a look at this simple pitch deck from. In a single sentence, they are able to outline why they were founded. In a lot of our presentations, we talk about how Venngage started from humble beginnings and has grown to a 50+ person company in just a few years. We pride ourselves on creating comprehensive marketing solutions that will sustain long-term growth. It also invests in public and private companies from all sectors. Remember the Hacker, Hustler, Hipster combination is always ideal. If you need help preparing for an upcoming pitch presentation, Brand Iron has your back. Key takeaway: Use a contrasting color to draw your audience’s attention to key information. Not everyone is going to be able to explain their problem and solution as succinctly as the previous examples. The classic Y Combinator pitch deck is incredibly simple–for a good reason. Key takeaway: A large marketplace, impressive rate of traction and a market ready for a new competitor are what made Airbnb stand out early on, says Fast Company–and its slide deck clearly demonstrates these points. We’re recreated his famous outline in two winning templates you can adapt and make your own. If you haven’t heard of them, I bet you’ve heard about the companies they’ve funded… they include, Dropbox, Yik Yak, Airbnb, Evernote, KAYAK, Stripe and Youtube. Furthermore, you need to show that there is room to grow and improve. Hustle is good! Their graph is so large and imposing, every audience member could see it clearly. I have seen a lot of brands just talk about their users, but I would recommend creating visual user personas. Three minutes is a short time to say everything want to say about your company. Investors want to know, in the simplest possible terms, how your company makes money and what they can do to either cut costs or pour more money in to facilitate growth. Telling stories tends to have a much better impact in people than just random jabber.

They specialize in incubation, seed stage, start-up stage, early stage, and growth stage investments in private companies. Your Demo Day is just the beginning, be sure to prepare your strategy to get the most of the exposure that this event will bring you. $10M in Series A funding. Know who you are presenting to and why they might be interested in your business. Their product solved this messy reporting by bringing all of the data and information under one roof. Additionally, the designers used this straightforward statement to set up the rest of the presentation perfectly. The company, founded in 2012, has now a line of gym equipment and sells monthly subscriptions to enjoy live and on-demand classes.

How much did they raise?

Then all of your important information is added on top of them. Finally make sure that you bring your audience back to your key milestones. Key takeaway: Huge graphs! Nothing would be worse than having an otherwise great presentation derailed by questions that you are not prepared to answer.

Corporate card startup Brex does this well by using photos of its team and including their titles and company affiliations to build credibility.

Key takeaway: Pull out the main metrics from your graphs and charts to make your slide a snap to understand. Next up, let’s talk about your actual business. You can also use this mantra when you’re adding data visualizations to your slides. This is the moment where your audience needs to be saying "shut up and take my money!" Depending on the stage of your company you might or might not have metrics to show, and if we all had perfect metrics then we wouldn’t need to raise money at all, would we? Design Tip: Click the text boxes in our online editor and add your own words. In this post, we’ll look at the best pitch deck examples from heavy-hitters such as Guy Kawasaki, Airbnb, Uber, Facebook and more. Market not only refers to the total yearly spend in your industry; you also want to point out your competition, why are you better and why will you put them out of business. 6 - Peloton Pitch Deck Template. $1.57M in seed funding in 2010, says Business Insider.

What TikTok does really well in the above example is using icons as visual anchors for their stats. But with a handful of screenshots, they were able to highlight the product potential almost instantly. Scalable? $6.9M in seed funding in 2011, says Crunchbase. Should you study the pitch presentations of legends like Steve Jobs, Marc Benioff and Elon Musk? A number of authors, venture capitalists, startup founders and evangelists have created different versions of what they consider required elements to successful pitching presentations. The best way to think about your pitch deck outline is by applying the three act structure used in storytelling. For example, this slide deck template that we created based on the famous Uber deck has 20 or more slides! A startup deck needs to be filled with mind-blowing numbers, from the minute you get on stage to the moment you get off.

In the slide above, they make a very simple statement that puts the rest of the presentation in the right context. They need to present a unique solution and make an emotional connection to their audience. I’m guessing your pitch deck is already going to touch on how you stand out from the competition. You want each of your slides to feel like they are connected by a singular feeling or theme. That’s because people really love origin stories.

$500K in angel funding from venture capitalist Peter Thiel (first round). These are 500 Startups recommended slides: You can view the full presentation templates list here, along with their comments and recommendations. It’s obvious, understandable and expected that you don’t have a clear path to growth (you wouldn’t be a startup if you did), but this should be as clear as possible. it’s important to make sure it matches your message or brand. Key takeaway: Give each metric its own slide. How much did they raise? Then, search for photos by keyword. This type of deck is also called a demo day presentation. Acknowledging competition is a good thing, it tells your investor that you are on top of things and that you have strategies in mind to beat them. Key takeaway: Say why your company was founded in one pitchy sentence. Famous investor Guy Kawasaki coined the 10/20/30 rule of PowerPoint: 10 slides, 20 minutes and no fonts smaller than 30 point. They should include your company name, one 'hero image' of your startup and your elevator pitch or tagline. The solution slide should show real-world benefits of your company. Not all businesses are created equal. I had the experience of not pointing out correctly how much money is spent in our category, which caused investors to assume that the market was too small and therefore the company could never reach a $100MM+ valuation. Plus you can summarize a ton of information about your brand on a single slide. Icons have been making a comeback in the design world over the past few years. Explaining a subscription business or a commission model is simple, but if you are a B2B2C company you want to make sure that your point is made clear. Discover three powerful alternatives to deliver a powerful pitch deck design to your potential clients or investors. There are many differences between starting a small business vs starting a startup. Since our founding in 2002, Brand Iron has been involved in hundreds of successful pitch presentations. Choose from thousands of free icons in our in-editor library. Explaining how your startup is going to solve a specific problem is a vital part of any slide deck. But consistent design across multiple visualizations will ensure your audience can make comparisons and the right conclusions. How much did they raise? Eventually, they created this slide to clear the air: Frankly, I’m still confused but perhaps that’s just me. You all worked hard to grow a company from nothing and that’s a big achievement! Pinpoint the exact reason or reasons why your venture is a good investment and lay it out during your pitch presentation. This is when all you've been building up to c0mes to its highest pick, and you get to do "The Ask". Something went wrong while submitting the form. ‘How long does it usually take you to create a presentation?’ was my question for the 500 Startups Demo Day, followed by a short pause. You might find these tips from Andrew Ackerman (managing partner at DreamIt Ventures) very useful when talking to investors. A lot of the time brands hide these metrics at the end of their presentation, but WeWork made sure to put it front and center in their slide deck.

Key takeaway: Create clear, concise pitch deck slides that tell a story investors can understand in seconds. Be proud of your brand’s growth and metrics in your slide deck. The best pitch decks keep things consistent, mainly because there are so many moving parts in any presentation. These metrics are the heartbeat of most companies, make sure they’re there. Oops!

You can easily swap out the icons in our online editor.

They waste no time getting down to business and let the audience know they are killing it from the beginning. Otherwise, it won’t have the same impact on the audience. Some of my favorite pitch deck design tips include: Now that you know how to create the best pitch decks to communicate your ideas, present your business or raise venture capital, take action and start designing your own pitch deck today!