Similar to how The 100 killed off Russell so quickly in the season premiere, Gabriel might not live that much longer to help the story move forward. Gabriel points out that they need an inside man to succeed, but Hope and Echo believe that they have that in Levitt, the man who helped Hope and Octavia before and who will be in M-Cap. Gabriel himself implies that he is considered one not only for his rebellion, but for destroying the embryos in particular. Bellamy sends Jade back to Sanctum with a warning for Russell, and Gabriel leads the group back to the Verge.

They agree to go together to the Anomaly.

", In Memento Mori, Xavier reveals to Diyoza that the Children of Gabriel was founded by a Gabriel Santiago, after he lost his stomach for immortality. Tosh argues that the most important thing is stopping the Primes from getting another host. Back in Sanctum, Jordan, Bellamy, and Gaia find a secret lab and a computer with video logs. Gabriel discovered a way to use the toxin to create a waking dream as part of "a happy accident." He eventually succeeded, using the Mind Drives, at the expense of erasing the host's previous consciousness.
However, they witness two Sanctum guards discussing an upcoming Naming Day ceremony with multiple Primes. Gabriel warns that it means that Clarke is in trouble, which Octavia realizes means all of her friends are in trouble too.

The Children of Gabriel were a cult-like militia group. Without enough time to free Bellamy, Clarke leaves him behind, but gives Bellamy the keys to his cuffs.

In The Blood of Sanctum, a few members of the Children of Gabriel as well Octavia, Bellamy and Echo are captured by Sanctum believers.

I didn't ask to be resurrected. " It is unclear what happens to Gabriel's Mind Drive after his host's death, but presumably it was destroyed when the Second Bunker collapsed. The Children of Gabriel, also known as simply C.O.G., were a mysterious, cult-like militant group of revolutionaries, in conflict with the Primes. Priya Desai was a recurring character in the sixth season. After seeing Clarke's actions, Layla finally accepts that Clarke really isn't Josephine anymore. This act caused Josephine to start Oblation. However, Octavia refuses to comply. One of their members is enraged to learn that Gabriel was resurrected in Xavier's body and killed Eduardo as well hiding these facts for over ten years, despite the fact that Eduardo was the one who resurrected him against his will. After seeing the Mind Drive scar on the back of his neck, Diyoza realizes that Xavier is in fact Gabriel himself in a new host. Josephine was one of Sanctum's Primes. After Bellamy identifies her, the Children of Gabriel prepare to decapitate Josephine. In The Garden, the three emerge from the Anomaly underwater on Skyring and discover that Hope's memory has returned. Nelson then forces Murphy and Emori to reveal the truth about Daniel and Kaylee to the gathered Sanctumites. Gabriel ultimately agrees. He throws them a rope to escape and run to safety. Aside from Jade, the guards chase after the Children of Gabriel while Jade stays behind to tend to "Josephine.". However, they need to hurry as with Orlando opening the doors in their five years of practice, the best that they ever managed was 28 minutes. He implies that Josephine is both his darkest fear and greatest desire. Due to tending to Octavia, Gabriel doesn't get the message and respond. In The Face Behind the Glass, Gabriel, posing as Xavier, and other members of the Children of Gabriel surround Octavia and Rose. The reason why the Children of Gabriel are against the Primes is because the Hosts were sacrificed by the Primes for immortality, and the people with red blood, known as the Nulls are discriminated and their infants are sometimes being fed to the trees. At the Anomaly, Diyoza sees a vision of her future daughter, Hope. So, Gabriel became the group's leader to stop the Primes after a "Moral Awakening.". However, as Gabriel was about to die of old age, a Nightblood named Xavier was born.
His last host was tall and dark with tan skin with brown eyes, short black hair with small white hair spots, beard and mustache. After arriving on Bardo, Gabriel's attitude caused his friends to repeatedly suspect that he really only cared about getting his answers in regards to the Anomaly. After Gabriel died, Eduardo went against his wishes and used Xavier as a host to resurrect Gabriel. The experiment showed that nothing of the host survived, but it gave them a revelation about their purposes: Russell's was to make them into gods, while Gabriel's was to stop it from happening. Gabriel explains to Echo that this means that the Disciples are not from Eligius III but instead came from Earth itself through the Anomaly. Eventually, in 2211, Gabriel started feeling guilty and rebelling against the Primes. In order to successfully upload an entire consciousness into a new host, not only did they need to wipe out the host's consciousness but they needed to upload the Mind Drive to a host with a fully developed mind. After his latest resurrection, Gabriel became ashamed of what he had become. Clarke later has him open the door so that Octavia, Echo and Diyoza can enter. As the Red Sun alarms go off, Russell realizes what Gabriel did and calms the crowd. When Echo returns, Gabriel reveals that he has learned that unlike Mission Team Alpha, Mission Team Beta, aside from Colin, died when their transport ship crashed on Skyring, preventing the creation of a colony there. On the other hand, Xavier wants them to take the royal blood child (Rose) and the Earth girl (Octavia) to impress "the old man." She draws a logarithmic spiral, which he recognizes as the shape of the Anomaly where the temporal flare came from.

This was the reason why Tosh and the other Children of Gabriel wanted to kill the Hosts to prevent them from becoming the future Primes, due to the inhumane treatment of the Nulls. Josephine tearfully begs Gabriel to save her so that they can be together for good, but Gabriel, in tears himself, stops Clarke's heart and removes the Mind Drive.