There is no better vocation than that of healing. And empowering others to heal themselves is an even more gratifying experience. Santosh Joshi Foundation provides one such opportunity. Their SKY healing technique is already making waves in the country. And now, Santosh Joshi looks to train more SKY teachers to further spread this technique.

�People are reaping many benefits after practicing SKY. SKY practitioners contact me to explain how they have healed themselves of chronic ailments like diabetes, BP, depression, anxiety and so on. They have also manifested what they wanted in their lives such as desired jobs, good relationships, health and other material things. I am proud to say that a regiment of Indian army has adopted SKY as a part of their morning drill. � Says Santosh, founder of SKY Healing, What makes SKY such a potent healing technique is that it eliminates the root cause - STRESS, which is the source of all our health issues. Other than that, it is a wholesome healing experience that takes care of psychological and emotional issues, and gives a boost to your spiritual side.

Santosh adds, �SKY has helped transform many lives! I believe each and every person on this plant deserves to live a happy ,healthy and successful life. But we get weighed down by stress and lack of time. Hence I call SKY a New age healing technique as it is both short and powerful. It can be practiced anywhere, anytime and is user friendly. It is completely safe with no side effects. Hence to reach out to more and more people, we are looking to make teachers to spread this technique.�

We know that there are many seekers out there who are passionate about healing and are looking for avenues to learn, several who want to make a difference in other people�s lives and countless who know that their purpose of life is to heal others. This is your chance. Be a part of the greater shift in consciousness.

�The world is burdened by stress and need a direction to overcome it. By teaching and spreading SKY, you not only heal others but also heal yourself and elevate your spiritual level,� insists Santosh.