We humans � the inhabitants of the planet earth, are physically made up of exactly the same elements that form all of the other entities that live on Earth. When we die, our bodies return to the earth, water, fire, air and space. A person sustains the combination of elements already present in the body through breathing air and consuming food and liquids - taking in those elements found in the surrounding natural world.

The �five element� theory explains the similarity between humans and the natural world surrounding them. In our body, space/akasha is present wherever there is a cavity like in the nostrils, mouth, ears, throat, lungs, and stomach; air/vayu in movement of the lungs, heart, stomach, intestines and joints; fire/agni in all metabolic activity, the eyes, intelligence and body temperature; water/jala in all plasma, blood, mucus, and saliva; and earth/prithvi in any solid structure like fat, muscles, skin, nails and hair.

More over we have Chakras that are the nodes located at the etheric level of the body. They are also called as the energy centres of the body through which we get the life force energy. There are seven major chakras and several other minor chakras. These chakras also govern the physical, emotional and mental states of the body. A person is in the best of physical, emotional and mental health when the chakras are operating at an optimum level. On the other hand any blockages in the chakras, has a major impact on the Physical, Emotional and mental well being. Each chakra is designated with a colour, an element, and a beej mantra or root syllable.

SKY Level 2 technique integrates the seven energy centres of the body with the five elements through breath. It is a 9 minute technique is not only more powerful, but it also has the potential to take your spiritual journey much ahead by burning your karmas. While we cleanse our five bodies through the power of breath (prana), we can also energize and activate our energy centers (the chakras). Breathing with chakra-activation is a potent combination. SKY Level-2 is a shorter technique than Level-1 but the benefits are immensely more powerful.

SKY Level 2 helps to bring in stability in your life by removing the deep rooted fears and insecurities. It boosts your self confidence and willpower, strengthens your self-esteem and helps you to be in complete control of your emotions. It opens up the love centre, thus taking the existing relationships to a new level and inviting positive and supportive people in your life. It increases the intuition power and expands the consciousness and awareness, thus also hastening your spiritual progress.

SKY Level-2 keeps you healthy on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level. You can experience new energy levels which you have never experienced before.