In today's times, the word STRESS has become synonymous with our lifestyle irrespective of the age or the strata of the society we belong to. The challenges posed by life at every step, have a deep impact on our physical, emotional and mental well-being. They could be financial crisis, domestic issues, relationship issues, health problems to name a few. There is no escape to these situations and hence we are left with no option than to deal with these. And dealing with these situations produces further stress.

Stress works like a vicious cycle. Each time we experience a stressful situation, we become anxious or fearful, our breathing pattern changes drastically and stress hormones are released into the blood stream. If these stress hormones are not metabolized over time, they can destabilize our normal body functions and lead to emotional and mental issues. This in turn leads to more stress. However, this effect can not only be reversed at an early stage of the cycle, but also prevented from building up. The most effective way of doing this is through our breath.

The fact is astonishing; 70% of our metabolic waste is eliminated through breathing; the balance 30% is eliminated through perspiration, urination and defecation. Our body gets the energy to purify, clear itself of toxins and stress and to rejuvenate because of our breath. Yet very few of us pay attention to it. Correct breathing allows us to access unlimited amounts of energy, which we can use to carry out the repair work within us.

The 12-minute SKY Healing technique developed by Santosh Joshi allows you to do just that. So, what makes up SKY exactly?
A combination of tapping, breathing and visualization, SKY is an effective method that instantly reduces stress. SKY technique starts with stimulation and sending impulses through the meridians and central nervous system to the physical body and our major organs. This helps in calming the body, allowing it to heal naturally. This is followed by sets of rhythmic breathing patterns and concludes with visualizations. What makes this technique extremely potent and powerful is the fact that it is a combination of ancient therapies with modern healing practices. The technique is short; however, even in a short time, SKY has the same effect as an hour of deep meditation.
It offers a quick fix solution with a lasting effect. One can free oneself from physical, emotional as well as psychological issues. If practiced regularly, it perfectly harmonizes the body, mind and soul.

Since it liberates us from negative emotions, which is the root cause of our physical diseases, we also heal physically. By practicing SKY, people have recovered from phantom pains, diabetes, blood pressure issues and many other lifestyle diseases.

Even the visualizations during SKY are so effective that they help manifest whatever we are looking for, be it professional growth or material gains. Overall, the technique takes you to your highest potential and helps you achieve the life of your dreams.