What is SKY�?

SKY is a Healing technique has been developed after years of experience in meditation, research and experiential. SKY is a new age healing technique which makes use of one�s own energy meridians and breath as a powerful tool to heal oneself. This technique is based on the premise that we all have extremely potent healing power within us, and by using this healing power of our own, we are able to remain healthy and in harmony with ourselves. What makes this technique extremely potent and powerful is the fact that it is a combination of ancient therapies with modern healing practices. The technique is short; however, even in a short time this technique has the effect of deep meditation. This technique has the potential of bringing harmony in our body, mind and soul.

Origin of SKY

In today�s highly stressful and demanding life it becomes extremely difficult for anyone to find time for oneself; and ultimately one resorts to quick-fix solutions or short-cuts such as popping pills to cure or simply camouflage the outer symptoms. Most of modern medicines or treatments look to cure the symptoms, rather than going to the root cause of the problem. This actually worsens the situation further, as one also has to deal with the side effects of these medicines. Most of the times it has been found that when everything gets messed up at physical level, a person resorts to sedatives and anti-depressants. This is a never ending vicious cycle. SKY healing has come to fight exactly that. It has come as an insight during deep meditation, and then worked upon through experiential. This technique has come up as a short, easy to use technique, which can be done anywhere, anytime; and one does not require any previous experience or spiritual background to practice this. This is extremely powerful and uses body�s own mechanism to heal oneself.

Why SKY �?

One word can sum up the root of most illnesses in the world today. And that word is�stress. Stress can cause a variety of problems starting from wrinkles and aging, to ulcers, to more severe illnesses such as diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease and cancer. Modern day life style forces people to spend much time sitting, with less and less time for physical activities and meditation. This eventually leads to various life-style physical diseases, emotional traumas, relationship issues and fears. Many alternative treatments and therapies and practices have emerged that seek to restore harmony of the body and mind. SKY healing aims at restoring this harmony by using body�s own mechanism, thus healing at emotional, mental and physical level.
SKY healing is a short and effective technique and instantly reduces stress. It can be practiced anywhere, anytime and is very user friendly and completely safe with no side effects.

How does SKY work�?

SKY Healing combines the stimulation of energy meridians in our body and the power of breath with modern techniques of healing. The meridians are points on the surface of the body, which are in constant communication with the outside environment. The technique starts with stimulation and sending impulses through the meridians and central nervous system to the physical body and our major organs, which helps in stimulating blood circulation and lymphatic drainage in addition to balancing hormones and leveling emotions. This helps in calming the body and allowing it to heal naturally.
This is followed by sets of rhythmic breathing patterns. There are certain breathing movements that result in an automatic unconscious tendency to remain free and clear from our disturbing thought patterns, calm and creative, conscious and loving, and to be naturally flowing even under the most difficult conditions and the most stressful situations. Something very remarkable happens in us when our breathing automatically responds in certain ways to stressful events. This automatic response can be changed when a different breathing pattern than usual is adopted which triggers positive thoughts and emotions. Amazing things happens in us when these new breathing patterns become the habit of our system. We must know that we have a marvellous natural instrument at our disposal - our breathing mechanism. We can use our breathing to free ourselves from physical, emotional, and psychological pain. We can use our breath to prevent the upsetting states of mind and body and to remain, blissful, ecstatic, loving, and creative at all times.

When and where should SKY healing be practiced�?

SKY Healing when practiced and mastered, allows us to create magic in our lives. By practicing this on a regular basis either in the morning, or at any time during the day or night, one can heal oneself, and can remain completely free from negative emotions such as anger, fear, stress, anxiety etc. which are the root cause of our physical diseases. SKY technique can also be practiced twice a day for better results. Ideally there should be a gap of at least half an hour after or before meals when practicing SKY. This technique also has the ability to take one to deeper levels of consciousness, through which one can experiences inner transformation and spiritual growth.
There is no restriction as to where one can practice SKY. This can be practiced while travelling by road, flying, while waiting in the lounge, or in any place at home or office. The place should preferably be free from noise and pollution. If one is practicing at home, it is better to choose a place and stick to the same place every day, although it is not absolutely necessary. The best place to practice this is in open nature and near green trees. One should avoid practicing SKY while driving or while doing anything which requires one�s complete attention.

Who can practice SKY �?

Anyone who can breathe can practice SKY. It is a very simple yet very powerful technique. That is the beauty of SKY. Only People with severe heart conditions should consult their doctors before practicing SKY as it is related to breathing.

What are the Benefits of SKY �?

By regular practice of SKY healing, one can avail the following benefits:

Emotional and psychological Benefits
  • Helps relieving stress, fears, insecurities, anxieties
  • Helps managing anger, depression, low self esteem
  • Generates optimism and motivation
  • Boosts confidence and will-power
  • Improves inter-personal relationships by bringing harmony and joy.
  • Increases patience
  • Improves concentration
  • Brings greater creativity and clarity of mind
  • Helps in handling challenging situations in a positive way
Physical Benefits
  • Cures insomnia
  • Strengthens immune system
  • Helps in relieving muscle tension
  • Helps relaxing nervous system
  • Helps in lowering Blood pressure
  • Reduces pressure on cardio-vascular system
  • Helps in restoring balanced function of digestive system aiding absorption of nutrients
Spiritual Benefits
  • Helps in the quest of inner transformation and spiritual growth
  • Helps in rediscovering yourself
  • Helps in experiencing deeper levels of consciousness
  • Helps in breaking the layers of conditioning thereby reaching the true self
  • Helps in experiencing the stillness, bliss and peace of mind
  • Helps one in living in the moment